Figurines and cups

Burger King | King jr

Fun collection of figurines and cups with My Little Pony and Transformers.

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Unilever | Wall's

Five spoons created with the charismatic icons from the creamy world of Wall’s.

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Mondelez | Clight

A bottle trio conceived with a feminine touch to celebrate the launch of the brand’s new logo.

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Barbecue kit

Johnson & Johnson | Institutional

A 100% customized kit ideal for soccer lovers.

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Thermo-sensitive cup

Diageo | Smirnoff

A glass cup whose sandblasted logo fills with red color when the internal liquid reaches 0°C.

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Wheel mini balls

Unilever | Clear

A conceptual mini ball with an unusual wheel format to commemorate the FIFA World Cup 2010 with Clear.

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Pernambucanas | Institutional

The famous Marvel quartet in an interactive and playful format.

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Popsicle cups

Mondelez | Tang

A dual-functional product that quenches thirst with juice and refreshes with popsicles.

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